#1 Hyper Defi on Sui

#1 DEX on Sui, now scaling up to Defi everything

#1 Dex on Sui
CLOB as Public Good for Sui
#1 Dex on Sui
A Dex built to provide the best trading and liquidity provision experience for users and project developers on Sui. We serve our users throughout the lifecycle of a token from a concentrated liquidity AMM + Stable-coin AMM + order book hybrid liquidity Swap to Intelligent Liquidity Allocation services, to initial liquidity offering service, etc.
‘Public good’ for Sui
DeepBook, a decentralized limit order book developed by MovEX for Sui, will allow builders to easily create DeFi apps. DeepBook provides a one-stop shop for trading digital assets. It spreads deep liquidity across Sui DeFi ecosystem with a low latency and high execution engine.


Hybrid Liquidity DEX

MovEX combines the best of AMM and order book and delivers the ultimate trading and liquidity provision experience for everyone by creating a hybrid liquidity pool. Internally, MovEX has a settlement engine that distributes orders between AMM and order book, guaranteeing both minimal slippages for traders and fairness for liquidity providers.


Initial Liquidity Offering

The MovEX ILO service is a one-step solution for the project owners. MovEX offers a customized token sale experience which allows project owners to select time period, price range, and auction algorithms for initial token sale to maximize the fund raising opportunity. The collected stable coins or chain native tokens will then be automatically paired with project tokens to form a liquidity pool after the token sale event.


Intelligent Liquidity Allocation

Our liquidity allocation engine runs an optimizer internally, produces the mathematically proven optimal liquidity allocation under a particular utility function, and automatically adjusts the liquidity for users in a decentralized and non-custodial fashion. We help LPs avoid the hustle of manually adjusting liquidity and boost their capital efficiency and market-making returns.